The Wabash Cannonball

At the beginning of 2012, we helped cheer on the Kansas State Wildcats by creating a few commercials for the Cotton Bowl. Due to their popularity, we have decided to go ahead and release the full clip of our Yamaha player grand piano playing our version of KSU’s “The Wabash Cannonball.” Player Pianos can help transform your current instrument into a full fledge entertainment system! Sit back as your piano […]



Musical Roads

For years, tuners and technicians have been meticulously perfecting their ability to tune and regulate pianos…but how do you tune a road? As part of an advertising campaign, the Honda corporation decided to give travelers a new tune they could listen to while traveling down the roads of Landcaster, California. Be sure to check out the video above to see Honda’s Musical Road. Side Note: I wouldn’t make any direct […]


Welcome to Piano Notes Online!

We would like to welcome you to our new online newsletter and blog, Piano Notes Online! We are excited to be launching our monthly newsletter directly to the World Wide Web as well as giving our customers, community, and piano lovers one of the best experiences we can. To give you a small glimpse of what to expect, here is a small list of some of the exciting features and […]



Piano Delivery Timelapse

Last month we ended up delivering a beautiful Steinway & Sons grand to a local church. Finding them the perfect Steinway was no problem in comparison to getting the unit delivered. Check out the video above to see a time lapse of us putting this almost 1,000 pound piano in a balcony. Special Thanks to Belger Cartage Service Inc., for assisting us in getting this piano into the balcony.


Happy Customers

Last month we received a letter from a teacher in the Topeka, KS area. She was working with her students to get ready for a concert they were putting on and the week before, noticed her digital piano stopped playing. After a few phone calls and speaking with our technician, this is what she had to say: We would like to thank Renita for giving us the opportunity to assist […]


March Sheet Music Recommendations

March is the start of Spring! We say goodbye to Winter as Mother Nature transforms her earth tone landscape into a kaleidoscopic of wonderful lively colors. Also celebrated in March are Women’s History Month and St. Patrick’s Day. With the green canopy enveloping us, this month we are recommending Irish music! Check out the list below: An Irish Lullaby (Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra} – This song was written by James Royce Shannon […]


Johann Sebastian Bach

The Bach family is one of the most notable German musicians in history. Out of this lineage comes the celebrated composer Johann Sebastian Bach. But before him, there were other important members who proved to share the same appreciation for music. From the 16th to 19th century, there were more than 70 performers and musicians who made up this musically-gifted family. Here we will trace the genealogy of the Bach […]


New Arrival: Yamaha Oak Console Piano

Take a look at the newest addition to our showroom! If you are looking for a console piano to fill your life with beautiful music, here is the perfect instrument for you! This Yamaha console piano was built right here in the United States in 1992 and has just started its life. A rich, like-new oak cabinet has only the slightest signs of normal wear and tear and, as you […]