Mid-America Piano has been serving the entire nation’s piano needs for over 30 years. Specializing in pre-owned “like-new” pianos, we have acquired quite the selection of Vintage Steinway & Sons pianos. From professional uprights and concert grands to one-of-a-kind pianos that cannot be found anywhere else. Below you can view the selection of Steinway & Sons pianos as well as read their unique stories. Feel free to stop by our showroom located in Manhattan, KS to view these astonishing pianos in person. For any questions, you can reach us at 800-950-3774 or by email at piano4u@piano4u.com.

All of the below pianos are for sale individually or as a collection.

1900 Steinway Model A Sketch 257 Grand Piano

Exceptionally rare, turn of the century (1900) Steinway and Sons grand piano.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we shouldn’t need to elaborate on this fine instrument whatsoever. Professionally restored from top to bottom with Steinway parts, this piece of art is worthy of placement in a world class museum or symphony hall. It is both visually and musically a masterpiece. [READ MORE]

1913 One-of-a-kind Swan Steinway Grand Piano

This magnificent and unique Steinway was hand-crafted in 1913. Meticulously carved throughout with swans supporting the cabinet, you will not find another piano like this. The perimeter of the piano is further adorned with moulding in the likeness of feathers, complementing the theme. If you look closely, you will notice reed grass at the base of the legs. [READ MORE]

Vintage Steinway & Sons Special Exhibition Showing Now at Our Piano Gallery including this 1893 Steinway
Professional Upright Rosewood with Ormolu details.

Here is a rarity! This one-of-a-kind Steinway upright was built in NYC by Steinway in 1893, then shipped to Chicago to a design studio for all of the intricate details.

The rosewood cabinet displays some of the most unusual patterns and wood grains you will ever find on a piano. There are both vertical and horizontal grains patterns as well as matched “bookend” styles, 45 degree cuts and more. You will notice fine exotic wood inlays throughout the cabinet with floral, trumpets, flutes, lyres and more. Behind the larger inlays is a backdrop of heavily-burled walnut. [READ MORE]

1905 Steinway Louis XV Sketch 301 Grand Piano

We have had around 25 Steinway Louis XV grands pass through our store, and this 1905 Sketch 301 stands out among them all. Additional ornamentation and molding is featured throughout the walnut cabinet. As it is difficult to describe the beauty and detail of this piano in mere words, we invite you to browse through the photos to get an idea of the magnificence of this piece of art. Ultimately, you owe yourself a visit to our showroom to experience this piano.

Caress the keys and you will experience a tone that will make you melt. Warm and delicious. Your ears will smile. [READ MORE]

1907 Steinway Model B Grand Piano with Tulip Legs

They don’t make them like this anymore!  A piano is more than an instrument, it’s a part of your life, so make sure your piano is as unique and lovingly crafted as the rest of your home.  This 1907 Steinway Model B has been thoroughly restored to like-new condition, and will give you all the sensations of a brand new Steinway grand piano, and the style of a vintage instrument that you simply won’t see in modern pianos: a beautiful satin ebony finish with the tulip-leg cabinet!

The expert restoration of this beautiful instrument included: [READ MORE]

 1898 Steinway Model C Grand Piano with Flowerpot Legs

Take a good long look at this piano; you may never see another like it!  The rare Steinway Model C is perfect for musicians who crave the bass of a large Steinway, a sound unmatched in the piano world!  At 7’5″, this piano isn’t a small addition to your home, but thanks to the beautiful “flowerpot” legs, carved music rack, and flawless satin ebony finish, every inch of this piano is worth it. [READ MORE]

1904 Steinway Model B with Ice Cream Cone Legs

A beautiful example of American craftsmanship, this 1904 Steinway Model B features “ice cream cone” legs in African mahogany with an extremely detailed grain pattern.

This stunning instrument has just been restored to perfection and includes a Paul Jansen artist bench to match. The Victorian-style cabinet has been stripped and refinished, the cast iron plate is refinished and detailed, all nickel hardware is replated and please note the fresh nickel Steinway fallboard logo. [READ MORE]


1898 Steinway Model A Grand Piano with Ice Cream Cone Legs

Here is a beautiful Victorian-style Steinway Model A with the highly desired “ice cream cone” legs. This wonderful instrument has just undergone an extensive, top-to-bottom restoration with new satin ebony finish, new strings and pins, new pinblock, new soundboard, new action, new bridge caps, new keytops, all nickel hardware replated, new soundboard, fallboard decals, etc. [READ MORE]

1987 Steinway Model M Chippendale Grand Piano

This pre-owned Steinway Model M is the deal of a lifetime! A special-collection piano, this Model M is a perfect example of the Chippendale furniture style with the famous “Ball & Claw” style leg and foot, with all the grace and distinction of design made famous by Thomas Chippendale, master cabinetmaker of 18th-century England. [READ MORE]

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