We would like to welcome you to our new online newsletter and blog, Piano Notes Online! We are excited to be launching our monthly newsletter directly to the World Wide Web as well as giving our customers, community, and piano lovers one of the best experiences we can.

To give you a small glimpse of what to expect, here is a small list of some of the exciting features and columns we would like to offer you:

  • Interesting Stories – We are bringing one of our most requested Piano Notes features online! Read compelling stories about techniques, playing by ear, benefits of playing an instrument, music history, and more.
  • Composers Corner – Learn about a different composer each month! From Bach to Beethoven, to Billy Joel and Elton John!
  • Jokes – Add the color of laughter to your life with some smart, family-friendly music jokes.
  • Fun Facts – From the first instruments to the hottest technology, pianos are full of fun facts.
  • Sales & Store Activities – Keep up-to-date on some of the best deals and latest store activities! Plus be sure to sign up for unadvertised deals and special coupons!
  • Sheet Music – Not sure what to play this Spring? Follow our Sheet Music column to be the first to see hot new songs, deals, and even monthly free sheet music, by Music Notes.
  • Plus MUCH more… – We have a lot of good ideas up our sleeves! Be sure to check back often and subscribe to keep up-to-date!

The next couple of months will be exciting as we grow our new newsletter and blog to fit the unique needs of our customers. Because of this, you may see some changes as we optimize and align our online presence with the intention of creating one of the best experiences available. If you have a moment, we ask that you take our Piano Notes Online survey here so we can best fit your needs.

Thank You

Cody W.
Office Manager
Mid America Piano

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