Here is the latest addition to our showroom! Built in 1999, this Yamaha DC2 grand piano could easily be mistaken for brand new. Just take a look at the photos below. The polished ebony cabinet shows hardly any wear. This piano was truly loved in its previous home and it really shows.

The tone produced is a beautiful, natural live sound. Unlike a lot of instruments that sound just a bit too bright or too mellow, this piano has the perfect blend to give you total control of your performance.

The factory-installed Disklavier player system is ready to transform your piano from just your average instrument to the life of the party! With several included disks, this piano will play your favorite songs for hours! Sit back and relax as Mozart plays for you…on your own piano. Want something a little faster paced? Have Billy Joel or Elton John playing their greatest hits right in your living room!

Want to record your favorite performances? No problem! This piano can also record anything you play, then you can watch the keys move up and down while the piano plays back your music! The “brainy” Disklavier will even record the pedals. It is quite a treat. Just imagine being able to “watch” your child’s performance many years down the road!

There is also a speaker installed that plays all of the background accompaniment. If you’re listening to Dixieland, you’ll hear clarinets, trombones, saxes, etc. For Country music, you will enjoy all types of guitars, banjos, etc. The variety is nearly endless.

A new Yamaha DC2 MKIV lists for nearly $64,000 dollars. Take advantage of our low overhead and save yourself a bundle of money! Give us a call today at 1-800-950-3774 and we’ll put your name on it!

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