Handcrafted in Germany to the most exacting standards, this Seiler 9’1″ concert grand piano was designed and built for the stage.

Go ahead and turn on the spotlights, the polished ebony finish shines like new! Why not? The piano IS new. Although it was built in 2006, it has never been sold. It still has the factory plastic on the pedals.

With heavy duty, locking solid brass casters, you don’t need to worry about this piano running off on you. You would be surprised how easy it is to move this piano when you need to…these casters are about the same size as the wheels on a piano dollie.

Now, let’s get down to what is really important on a piano: how it plays and how it sounds. How it plays: The keytouch is a bit lighter than a Steinway, allowing you to fly across the keys without getting tendonitis. This action is very smooth and very responsive, allowing you to take full advantage of the instrument’s substantial dynamic range. This piano is a treat to play!

HOW IT SOUNDS. In teen lingo: OMG!! Some musicians: SMOKIN’! Other musicians: Amazing! Snooty musicians: Quite adequate! Our Sales Mgr: Yeah Baby! Me: YES!

We were fortunate enough to acquire this piano and two other Seiler grands from a distressed dealer’s inventory, via an auction. You could shop a metropolitan market and pay $120K to $150K for this piano…or you can take advantage of our low overhead here in the middle of Kansas. We are simply passing the huge savings on to you. This extremely rare opportunity is your chance to own one of the finest concert instruments ever built…for about 40 cents on the dollar.

For more photos of this stunning instrument, click here. Please call 1-800-950-3774 for questions and more detailed information.

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