Hello Everyone!

Did you know that Mid-America Piano first went online in 1996? That’s almost 16 years ago we originally went online to show the World Wide Web what we had to offer. We can say, with extreme confidence, that we were one of the first in our industry to embrace what would one day change the world. At that time, Yahoo.com was less than a year old, people knew they had emails by the iconic “You’ve Got Mail!,” and resources we can not live without, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google were just ideas in the minds of their creators.

As we move into our 16th year online, we are working diligently to give our customers the best experience we can through our website. During this time, we are working hard to create resources with you in mind! Last year we joined Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to more closely interact with our community. Last month we finally launched our online newsletter & blog: PianoNotes Online. We wanted to give our community a platform on which they could learn, have fun, and socialize. Currently you can “love” articles to make them featured, share them on social media sites, and even comment on what you liked most about them. Soon you will be able to participate even further by sharing stories, jokes, photos, and even upload videos showcasing your latest talents. We are excited to bring you this resource and have great plans for the future.

In the next few months you will also see new changes to our main website, Piano4u.com. While it’s a little too early to share everything that we are working on, we wanted to give you a heads up in case you notice a few changes! If you have any suggestions, features you are hoping for, or are interested in beta testing our website, please contact us and let us know!

While no one is really sure where the Internet will lead us next, rest assured that we will be right there next to you as your personal friend in the piano industry.

Talk to you again soon!

-Your Friends at Mid-America Piano

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