Knabe WGS54 Grand Piano

A beautiful combination of vintage style and modern piano construction, the Knabe WGS54 is the product of more than 200 years of unique history, with famous patrons from Francis Scott Key to the King himself – Elvis Presley! No cabinet demonstrates this better than the WGS54, with a two-tone cabinet of both the classic polished ebony and striking burled mahogany on the fallboard and inner rim of the piano. The construction of the piano reflects the union of modern manufacturing and traditional craftsmanship, offering the advantage of an all spruce “surface tension” soundboard, as well as a sand cast plate in the spirit of the original hand-built Knabe pianos. In short, if you want a little of the old, with a little of the new, mixed together in just the right combination of beauty and sound, this Knabe WGS54 is the piano for you!

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