Who wouldn’t want to treat their home to a beautiful 5’10” Steinway piano in a lush walnut cabinet!  With strings long enough to give you a deep and satisfying bass, and a footprint that still fits easily into the living room, the Model L is the perfect balance for bringing that Steinway sound from the concert hall to your own home.

The only thing stopping most people from owning a piano like this is the daunting price tag of a new Steinway, which would have you paying over $75K for a piano like this!  Fortunately, we specialize in high-quality pre-owned pianos so you can enjoy all the benefits of a late-model Steinway piano for about one-third of the investment.  With its clean cabinet and strings, responsive action, and classic Steinway sound, this is an easy choice! Own a Steinway today that you’ll enjoy forever!

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