You start a new life after retirement and could consider piano lessons a part of it. Though people spend years planning their lives before retirement, they don’t plan enough for their life after retirement. Your life after retirement can be the best time of your life because you are finally free of all the responsibilities and have free time to pursue your passion and interests. Some people take up piano lessons after retirement as it may be something they have always wanted to do in life.

If you live in a retirement home with others of your age and have lots of time on hand, you can utilize your time by learning to play the piano. Don’t let yourself be deterred by thoughts that you will not be able to learn to play the piano because of your age. Piano is one great musical instrument that you can learn to play regardless of your age. You will be surprised to know that playing the piano is easier than using a computer keyboard.

Learning to play the piano will open the doors of the musical world for you. If you have access to the Internet, you will find lots of free piano lessons Piano music has been shown to have therapeutic benefits for several diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The healing properties of piano playing are based on ultra-sound therapy. It relaxes your muscles and improves blood circulation. This oxygenates your blood and the release of endorphins in the brain gives you a sense of well-being. It is also helpful in preventing depression and anxiety. Playing the piano is a stimulating activity as it keeps the brain active. The active hobby improves your brain- hand coordination.

Another advantage of learning the piano is that they are reasonably priced and can be found everywhere unlike some other musical instruments.
The piano is one of those rare musical instruments that allow you to explore various forms and styles of music. So, if you are really interested in learning more about music, you should take up piano playing.

The best part about learning to play the piano is that you can do it alone. You don’t require anybody’s company or cooperation while playing the piano. When you learn to play the piano, you will be surprised by how relaxing and enjoyable it is even though it is a solitary activity. On the other hand, you can involve as many people as you like. If someone in your retirement home likes to sing, he/she can be your companion.

Several retirement homes encourage hobbies such as piano as it is a constructive and relaxing way for seniors to pass their time. So, if your retirement home has a visiting music teacher, you may enroll yourself for piano lessons. If you can’t find a teacher, you can use the Internet to learn the piano. The Internet is a vast source for piano tutorials and a number of easy piano lessons designed for people of all ages.

Learning to play the piano is not only a great soothing past time; you can always put your talents to good use. If you get really good at playing the piano, you can even start giving lessons to others and have a fan following.

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