AMAZING TOWN — All of us have had to overcome some challenges in our lives and it’s very possible that many of you reading this right now are facing some and wondering how you’ll overcome them.

Sometimes what we need to face that challenge and see that there is light on the other side is just a little inspiration. If this describes you, then this video is exactly what you need.

Alexey Romanov was born without hands, but he always had the dream of playing the piano. It may have seemed like an impossible task to some, but to Alexey, it just meant a little extra hard work. Alexey practiced diligently and started playing in front of crowds at a young age and now, at only 15 years old, the pianist is performing regularly and gaining popularity thanks to this video.

Alexey performed the theme from “Twilight” at a recital, and thankfully it was caught on film so we can watch as he flawlessly plays a difficult piece accompanied by a small orchestra. Watching Alexey play is mesmerizing, but realizing what he overcame is phenomenal. Alexey isn’t just an impressive piano player with no hands, he’s an impressive piano player.

Let’s all learn from Alexey as we enjoy his music and tackle another day with a new set of challenges.


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