Take a good long look at this piano; you may never see another like it!  The rare Steinway Model C is perfect for musicians who crave the bass of a large Steinway, a sound unmatched in the piano world!  At 7’5”, this piano isn’t a small addition to your home, but thanks to the beautiful “flowerpot” legs, carved music rack, and flawless satin ebony finish, every inch of this piano is worth it. _DSC1090 1Built in 1898, this is an example of a bygone era, when each Steinway piano was a handcrafted masterpiece.  Fortunately, you can enjoy the craftsmanship and character of this piano just as its makers intended thanks to a comprehensive restoration that has rendered the instrument like-new both inside and out!_DSC1088 1

Mid-America Piano specializes in providing the best for less when it comes to pianos.  Whether you’re looking at a world-class piano that’s a piece of history or a workhorse instrument for piano lessons, we’ll have an unmatched variety of options available in one location to play and compare. Contact us today and enjoy one of our fine pianos for a lifetime!

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