_DSC1084What a beautiful, wonderful Steinway grand piano! This 1902 Model A features an ornate dark mahogany cabinet with ice cream cone legs.

The piano was restored top to bottom with a hand-rubbed lacquer finish, new soundboard and pinblock, new strings and pins, new Renner action parts (hammers, shanks, wippens and flanges), new dampers, all nickel hardware replated, the cast iron plate is refinished and detailed, new soundboard and fallboard decals, new premium keytops and key bushings….it has had “the works”. _DSC1075

Not only is this piano stunningly beautiful, it also plays and sounds TERRIFIC! This is the type of piano many people would like to own…..but you can’t get them new. If you could get a new Steinway with this fancy cabinet, you would easily pay over $95K for one.  Even most used Steinways like this will set you back over $55K.

Here is your chance to own an extremely wonderful instrument and heirloom quality piece of art for a very modest investment.

Call us today at 1-800-950-3774 and we’ll help get your 2016 started off right!

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