Whoa Nellie! You don’t find these everyday. This 5’8″ Yamaha DC2 sports a beautiful polished mahogany cabinet and has a rich, full tone tone to make it quite the package! It has a nice collection of disks, too!

Featuring both a CD and 3.5″ drive, you have access to an enormous library of disks. Classical, country, pop, jazz, sacred, blues, musicals, holidays, easy listening, etc. There are hundreds and hundreds of titles.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! This loaded instrument will play piano, full background accompaniment, and vocals, too. There are two high quality speakers attached to the piano that will fill your room with all kinds of good music….while the piano plays along in sync!

Do you want to practice when nobody else can hear? No problem. This piano has the built-in silent feature which keeps the hammers from touching the strings, accessing a plethora of sounds, and allowing you to use headphones. Yes, that is correct. This piano is both acoustic AND digital! You have the best of both worlds right here.

Would you like to record? Once again, not a problem with this piano. Push the record button and play away! When you are ready to hear how good you sound, just push the “play” button and the piano will play back what you played….and you can watch the keys go up and down. This is a very fun and useful learning tool.

Now, you could pay over $70K for a new Yamaha C2 with the Disklavier feature…but you certainly don’t have to when you shop at Mid-America Piano! You can own this “like new” piano for a small fraction of what you’d pay for a new one in the big cities.

Find out why we have delivered pianos to all of the lower 48 states, and sold pianos in Canada, Mexico (and even Africa). We currently have 5 other pre-owned Yamaha Disklaviers in stock, too. Three grands and two verticals. You can shop all across the planet and probably won’t find the kind of selection we have here in Manhattan, Kansas.

Please give us a call at 1-800-950-3774. We are here to serve you and save you money on a high quality piano. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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