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Millions of people experience The Sing for Hope Pianos in public spaces throughout the five boroughs. The Sing for Hope Pianos celebrate our mission of art for all. Each of the 88 instruments (representing the 88 keys on the keyboard) is painted by Sing for Hope Volunteer Artists, student, Community Partner, or iconic New York personality chosen through an open application process. Following their two-week public residency, the pianos are donated to under-resourced schools, hospitals, and community centers, where they enrich lives for years to come.


Sing for Hope is a nonprofit organization mobilizing over 1,000 artists in volunteer programs throughout underserved communities in the greater NYC area.




Art for All.



Company Overview


Sing for Hope was founded in 2006 by best friends Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus, internationally acclaimed sopranos who met as students at Juilliard. Camille and Monica share a common belief in the power of arts volunteerism to transform underserved communities.

Recognizing their shared passions, Camille and Monica established Sing for Hope as a resource for artists to give back to their communities.





The Sing for Hope vision of art for all is informed by our belief that the arts have unique power to uplift, unite, and transform individuals and communities. Our outreach programs in under-resourced areas – from schools to community centers to healthcare facilities – demonstrate this every day.
Each Sing for Hope program is defined by the volunteer service of artists, the needs of the community, and our belief in the transformative power of the arts.


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