Exceptionally rare, turn of the century (1900) Steinway grand piano. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we shouldn’t need to elaborate on this fine instrument whatsoever. Professionally restored from top to bottom with Steinway parts, this piece of art is worthy of placement in a world class museum or symphony hall. This Steinway & Sons grand piano is both visually and musically a masterpiece.

This mahogany artcase 6’1″ Steinway model AII was meticulously handcrafted in 1900. Note the intricate ornamentation throughout the cabinet which includes florals, wreaths, rosettes…even the lid prop and underneath side of the lid is lush with bas-relief carving! At the outermost ends of the original ivory keyboard, acanthus leaves adorn the top of the flowing, rounded arms. Lutes, lyres, mandolins, violins and trumpets are featured around the body of the piano in graceful, oval reliefs.

The music rack is a work of art in itself and is the most detailed we have ever witnessed on a piano. The Sun appears to emanate from the center with elliptical rays, complete with a decorative finial atop. Please view the photos as the detail is difficult to express in mere words.

If your desire is an investment that is both a rare work of art and a fine musical instrument that can be relished for generations, here is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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