_DSC0427 Here is a rarity! This one-of-a-kind Steinway upright was built in NYC by Steinway in 1893, then shipped to Chicago to a design studio for all of the intricate details.

The rosewood cabinet displays some of the most unusual patterns and wood grains you will ever find on a piano. There are both vertical and horizontal grains patterns as well as matched “bookend” styles, 45 degree cuts and more. You will notice fine exotic wood inlays throughout the cabinet with florals, trumpets, flutes, lyres and more. Behind the larger inlays is a backdrop of heavily-burled walnut.

The exquisite brass ormolu is highly pronounced throughout, featuring cherubs on each end of the instrument, leaves, fruit and various other ornamentation._DSC0431

The mechanism of the piano (hammers, wippens, strings, dampers, etc) is original, yet still very functional. All of the 88 notes still play and the piano has a beautiful tone.

_DSC0428Really, this piano is much like a very fine painting. When you stand and gaze at it, you notice one thing after another. It has so much detail and finesse, it is simply hard to describe. Please check out the photos of this rare instrument….”a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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