Steinway Model B – Ice Cream Cone

_DSC0043A beautiful example of American craftsmanship, this 1904 Steinway model B features “ice cream cone” legs in African mahogany with an extremely detailed grain pattern.

This stunning instrument has just been restored to perfection and includes a Paul Jansen artist bench to match.

The Victorian-style cabinet has been stripped and refinished, the cast iron plate is refinished and detailed, all nickel hardware is replated and please note the new nickel Steinway fallboard logo. The restoration features all NY Steinway action parts (hammers, wippens, shanks, flanges), new soundboard and ribs, new bridge, new 5 ply pinblock, damper heads refinished, new damper felts, and a new soundboard decal. The work is thorough, complete and top notch. The action is smooth and responsive and the tone is wonderful!

You will love this fine instrument.

Steinway Model A Louis XV

_DSC0033This 1905 Steinway Sketch 301 is a rarity, even among Louis XV grands. Additional ornamentation and intricate carving is featured throughout the walnut cabinet, making this piano a magnificent piece of art.

Having just completed an exhaustive top-to-bottom restoration, nothing was left undone. The rebuild includes a new hand-rubbed lacquer finish, new spruce soundboard, a fresh NY Steinway action (hammers, shanks, flanges and wippens), refinished and detailed cast iron plate, all brass hardware polished, new bridge, new 5-ply pinblock, new strings and pins, new damper felts, dampers refinished, new fallboard and soundboard decals….and more. Another special perk is the original, matching duet bench…check it out! What an astounding example of fine, American craftsmanship!

Caress the keys and you will experience a tone that will make you melt. Warm and delicious.


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