This sleek professional upright Yamaha piano offers the great sound and reliable design of Yamaha’s U1 professional upright, with a 48″ cabinet giving you long bass strings for that extra power… but there’s a twist!  This piano is also equipped with the Silent Series technology which replaces the mute mechanism with the option to actually plug headphones into the piano and practice in absolute silence!  While the piano plays without a sound, the musician is treated to the sound of a 9-foot concert grand Yamaha via the headphones (which are included with the piano.)  This piano offers the best of both worlds, for about half the cost of a new model!

Even though we specialize in high-quality used pianos, this is a pretty rare model (those that have them are keeping them!), so if you want one of the world’s best and most versatile upright pianos, the choice is simple: buy this one today!

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