Here is one sweeeet piano!


Purchased new in 2006, this Story & Clark baby grand comes complete with a QRS player system and a bunch of disks. The polished ebony cabinet, the strings, the tuning pins, the keys……everything shines like brand new! This piano has had very good care and it shows.


There are quite a few features on this piano, including a soft close fallboard (keycover). This is really nice if you have little fingers around the piano and you don’t want them to get smashed. When we removed the music desk to take photos of the tuning pins, we noticed how remarkably heavy it was.  As it turns out, the thing is reinforced with steel to keep it from sagging or warping. If a company was wanting to save money in the manufacturing process, this is a place they could have skimped (and probably nobody would have ever noticed). The piano also has a solid spruce soundboard, which is responsible for cranking out the sound!


While we’re talking about sound, this Story & Clark piano is equipped with a QRS Petine player system and over 20 CDs…many of which aren’t even opened.  Here are some highlights:


Bill Joel, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Hits of the ’80s, the Beatles, Barry Manilow, Yanni, Elton John, Frank Sinatra and LOTS MORE! There is plenty of fun in here for everyone!  The attached speaker will fill up your room with all of the background accompaniment, too…..drums, guitars, woodwinds, strings, brass and more.


When you go figure that a player system alone is around $7500, you will realize this piano is a terrific bargain at just $11,888! You are either not paying much at all for a “like new” baby grand, or you are nearly getting the player system thrown in for free.


Jump in your car and get here as fast as you can….you don’t want to miss out on this piano!  See you soon.


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