The RX-3 is an impressive, versatile grand piano that is a preferred choice of many professional musicians. This piano is 6’1″  yet evokes the qualities of a much larger grand. With an outstanding tone and touch, in such a versatile size, it is easy to see why this instrument is high on everyone’s wish list.

The cabinet is finished in a high polished ebony coat and the brass accents, in the casters and pedals, have been polished to bring out their original shine. The keys are made out of a NEOTEX material to enhance the feel and touch.

The insides of this pre-owned beauty are just as impressive as the outside. The action is nice and responsive, the hammers are well formed, and the soundboard is in perfect out of the factory condition. This piano features the carbon action that Kawai is well known for, so you know there will be no issues for years to come when it comes to the dynamic inner workings of this grand piano.

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Sale price: $16,888

Comparable new: $49,195.00

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