All work and no play? 

Although learning to play a piano can be very rewarding and fun, to young children it may just seem like a lot of work. Here are some games to play that will help them learn, but also make it exciting and enjoyable! – Activities to help your students learn and practice working with tempo, dynamics and articulation terms, symbols and marks.


Free printable word search. Can you find all of the piano terms?  Word Search

Henry the Steinway

These children’s books follow the adventures of Henry the Steinway and his best friend Ana as they tour the world and get ready for piano recitals. There are three books in this series including Henry the Steinway: A Star is Born where children can see where Henry was born at the factory he was built in and learn how pianos are made. For ages 4 and up, this is a great series for parents to read with their children!




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