Teaching beginner piano lessons can be really fun. Here are some of the important elements that I think go into the beginner lessons.

Beginners start piano lessons with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s important to build on that. Do this by going slow enough that the student feels like they can do it but fast enough that they feel they are progressing well. Now, a lot of this will depend on the student practising. Whether they practise or not, try to get the basics down.
It’s really important that students start playing piano with the proper techniques. Really I mean, help them avoid bad habits! So, even starting with the hand position, correct them until it’s not an issue. These beginning stages will impact the way they play the piano forever! Well, it’s not that serious but try to encourage good habits in teaching beginner piano lessons.
Usually beginners are children. Kids aren’t always good at sitting for half an hour straight. One thing you can do is teach both on the piano and off. Make learning notes into games. Use a whiteboard for working on various things. That way they are standing. Make a giant staff on the floor and have them hop on the notes you call. There’s lot’s of things you can do.
There are some good books that I would recommend in teaching beginner piano lessons. My number one pick right now is the Piano Adventure Series. The pieces are interesting and everything is laid out well. My second pick is Alfred. My piano teacher used the Alfred books and so I did. They are good and they have a good theory book with them. I always recommend using a lesson book and a theory book.
These are my basics for teaching beginner piano lessons. You can see an outline of what my typical piano lesson looks like at how to give piano lessons. You can also read more about teaching kids at teaching children piano. Happy teaching!

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