Benefits of Playing the Piano

The Benefits of Playing Piano THE PHYSICAL AND mental benefits of playing piano, or music of any kind, have long been recognized. The piano, in particular, has been an unparalleled outlet for those seeking escape, creative expression, and simply fun and joy. Recent years have only seen more evidence of the benefits of piano come to light, linking music making to a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life. […]


The Importance of Music Education for Piano Students

Creative Piano Infographic This infographic was put together to help better explain the way musical education is changing for piano students. The importance of a Creative Piano Teaching approach.


Vintage Steinway Piano Collection

Mid-America Piano has been serving the entire nation’s piano needs for over 30 years. Specializing in pre-owned “like-new” pianos, we have acquired quite the selection of Vintage Steinway & Sons pianos. From professional uprights and concert grands to one-of-a-kind pianos that cannot be found anywhere else. Below you can view the selection of Steinway & Sons pianos as well as read their unique stories. Feel free to stop by our […]


1986 Yamaha 9' CF III Grand Piano

Manufactured in 1986, this CFIII spent its early years being enjoyed on a concert stage and, consequently, had a few “miles” put on it. To bring it back to perfection, this top-quality instrument has been thoroughly restored to performance level and is ready to be enjoyed for many more decades! The comprehensive restoration includes a new satin ebony finish, new pins and pinblock, new strings, the plate is refinished and detailed, new hammers […]


1900 Steinway Grand Piano

Exceptionally rare, turn of the century (1900) Steinway grand piano.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, we shouldn’t need to elaborate on this fine instrument whatsoever. Professionally restored from top to bottom with Steinway parts, this piece of art is worthy of placement in a world class museum or symphony hall. It is both visually and musically a masterpiece. This mahogany artcase 6’1″ Steinway model AII was meticulously handcrafted in 1900. Note the intricate ornamentation […]


Benefits of a Music Education

The Many Benefits Of Musical Education #musical #education Music learning involves active engagement and discipline, resulting in far-teaching benefits to the brain that may include: Improve reading skills, Better vocabulary and Stronger neural activation in native language. 90% of preschool children studied showed increase verbal intelligence after just 20 days of musical training! This infographic takes a look at the various positive impacts that music education has on both the […]


Signs Your Child is Ready for Piano Lessons

8 Signs That Your Child is Ready for Piano Lessons Here are the readiness signs that I look for when interviewing potential new students: Does your child know the difference between left and right?  Playing the piano requires the use of both hands, so being able to distinguish one hand from the other is an important skill. Does your child know the alphabet, specifically the first seven letters (A-B-C-D-E-F-G)? The musical […]


Piano Recipes

Piano Food Recipes PIANO CAKE RECIPE TUNE-A-PIANO SANDWICH RECIPE                        


DIY Piano Bookcase

BUILD YOUR BOOKCASE: Steps 1 – 12 PARTS: 1 FREE grand piano in poor-non functioning condition Assorted screws and TimberLock® screws. (amazing self drilling long screws. used in deck building!) Wood glue Tools for dis-assembly: Prybar small sledge hammer various wrenches and ratchets flat blade screwdriver Tools for building: Table saw Compound miter saw Circular saw Jig Saw Finish nailer Screw gun  


Learning the Piano as an Adult

If you think that piano lessons are only for kids, think again. There are many misconceptions and myths about learning the piano as an adult. The biggest myth about learning the piano as an adult is that you’re too old. And that’s simply not true.   Busted: The Biggest Myth About Adults and Piano Lessons The biggest myth about learning the piano as an adult is that you’re too old. […]